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Commercial Window Tinting

Window Film can assist with obtaining up to 9 LEED Certification point in the following areas:

  • Light Pollution Reduction (1 Point)
  • Optimizing Energy Performance (1 to 3 Points)
  • Improving Thermal Comfort (1 Point)
  • Providing Daylighting and Views (1 to 2 Points)
  • Innovations in Operations and Upgrades (1 Point)
  • Optimize Use of Alternative Materials (1 Point)

Innovations in Operations and Updates

in Operations and Upgrades

Credit 1: Innovation in Upgrades, Operations, and Maintenance (1 Point)



Provide the opportunity for LEEDĀ® points for additional environmental benefits beyond those in other LEED Rating System areas


How Window Film Can Play a Role:

The up to 99.9% UV Protection provided by many films helps protect occupants and furnishings from harmful and damaging ultraviolet rays. Many window films are recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective for protection against skin cancer


How Window Film Can Play a Role:

Utilize safety-and-security films to upgrade existing glass which help protect occupants from injuries due to glass hazards


How Window Film Can Play a Role:

The application of designer films to interior glass for decorative purposes instead of replacing (and disposing of) the existing glass



Energy and Atmosphere


Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance (1 to 3 Points)



Achieve increasing levels of energy performance above the prerequisite Energy StarĀ® Rated Building standard to reduce environmental impacts associated with excessive energy use


How Window Film Can Play a Role:

Window films can provide as much as 5-15% whole building energy savings, enabling improvement in Building Energy Star Rating


Materials and Resource


Credit 2: Optimize Use of Alternative Materials (1 Point)



Reduce the environmental impact of the materials acquired for use in upgrades of buildings by using local and regional materials


How Window Film Can Play a Role:

The use of local and regional materials reduces pollution and transportation costs associated with the delivery of materials to the job site. Credit is possible if 50% or more of a product is harvested or processed within 500 miles of the LEED Project